We chose to use only eco-sustainable, natural and certified fabrics, respecting the environment. Natural fibers usually require less energy, they are biodegradable and more comfortable for the wearer, as they are generally thermoregulatory. The fibers made from regenerated plastic are a good alternative to create new raw materilas from waste.

We ensure that all the materials we use have certifications that attest their low environmental impact and without the use of harmful chemicals production. Moreover, we are always looking for new and innovative materials that we could introduce into our collections.

The natural fibers we use, such as cotton, come from organic cultivation and comply with environmental and social production standards (GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard).

The chosen synthetic fibers are produced only using recycled material. Polyester, for example, is certified by the Global Recycled Standard, which verifies its entire production process.

Printing process

How our patterns are printed

All patterns are printed on fabrics by an italian company based in Alba (CN). Their technology saves 90% of water, reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

The company has also obtained the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification, which means that no harmful substances are used in the processes and dyes.

Using dyes regulated by ecological standards, reduce the dispersion of polluting substances especially in the water during the production process, therefore are less toxic for people health and the ecosystem.
Artisan tradition


All our creations, both bespoke garments and the products you find on the shop are artisan made by the designer in her studio, on order or pre-order. This allows us to have a controlled production, in a slow fashion perspective and also to avoid overproduction or dead stock.

Each year we join Fashion Revolution Week to celebrate the value of ethical production and fight for the human rights of fashion workers. If don’t know the movement Fashion Revolution yet, you can find all the useful information at

Conscious design

A further commitment is linked to fabric leftovers. The textile waste, produced after any project, is reuse as much as possible, giving it a new life, creating small accessories. That’s why every final products in printed fabric will never be identical to one another.

Each project is designed keeping in mind the life cycle of the product. In this sense we are committed to educating the customer to take care of their garment, to ensure that it would have a longer life and that the fabric would retain its initial properties for as long as possible.

To learn how to take proper care of our products read carefully the label and for specific information about our accessories visit the page Loved clothes last.

Sustainability in our package as well

Packaging Plastic Free

We try to have a 360-degree approach to sustainability. This is why we have chosen to use a completely plastic free packaging, both for your orders and for in-store purchases. To find out more, see the dedicated page.