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Browse our archive and find your favorite patterns. All our designs are original and drawn by us. Each collection follows a specific theme to create a group of prints which is coherent in shapes and colors.

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Every pattern tells a story, inspiration takes form on fabrics, in a mix of colors and shapes


The Twiggy collection takes inspiration from the 60s. All the patterns are composed of geometric, minimal designs, with a playful style, enhanced by the combination of color tones.

The name of the collection is dedicated to Twiggy Lawson, symbol of Swinging London. Each pattern has the name of a 60’s female icon.


The leitmotif are pure and simple geometries inspired by archive patterns of folk culture. The color is at the center of everything. A palette made of bright and positive shades, for those who want freedom, fun and express themselves by playing with colors in a harmony of cold and warm tones.

The name Euphoric Folks recalls enthusiasm and lightness. Each prints is named by a celestial element.


The inspiration for the collection Fleurs comes from the memory of a trip to Greece. Typical white houses with blue windows, framed by colorful flowers, images reinterpreted in a mix of geometric patterns and stylized blooms.

Fleurs recalls the elegance and beauty of spring. Each pattern has the name of a specific nymph, typical of Greek mythology.


The inspiration for the collection is exactly Genova. A city full of different urban landscapes. Architectural elements of ceiling, floors and frescos around, from the most famous building ones to the beautiful details hidden in the alleys, made me play with recurring shapes and layout.

The name Genova is to highlight this Mediterranean city in itself, indeed each print is dedicated to a specific place recognizable by their names.


The inspiration for the collection Gems came from the African culture. I especially focused on Adinkra symbols. They are decorative and full of evocative messages linked to wisdom, courage, faith and the relationship between humans and nature.

The name Gems is to represents the concept of something rare, pure and precious. Each print has a specific mineral name which recalls to its colors.


The inspiration for the collection Anemone came  especially from the italian seascape. Sunset shades, marine elements, flowers and landscapes have been reinterpred in brand new shapes and lines.

The name Anemone is to enclose in a single word the marine environment and the terrestrial one. Anemones are flowers, but they are also beautiful sea creatures.