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  • scrunchie marigold indossatoscrunchie marigold Sold out!

    Voluminous hair scrunchie in recycled fiber with silk twilly effect. Soft and colorful suitable for any type of hairstyle, also perfect to wear on the wrist as an accessory.

    PATTERN: Marigold
    COLLECTION: Anemone



  • limited headband marigoldlimited headband marigold dettaglio Sold out!

    Padded hairband limited edition made of soft semi-gloss fabric. Elegant and colorful, it is suitable for all hair types and face shapes. It has a central curvature of 2 cm in height.

    PATTERN: Marigold
    COLLECTION: Anemone
    AVAILABILITY: Unique piece



  • Sold out!

    Elegant hair bow in recycled fiber with silk twill effect . Soft and colorful, it suitable for any type of hairstyle thanks to its clip closure.

    MEASURES: 13 x 13 cm
    PATTERN: Marigold
    COLLECTION: Anemone