Art of Tailoring

Designing a bespoke garments means creating a unique piece that lasts over time, characterized by its uniqueness and by an ancient tradition of craftsmanship.

The key is understanding the essence and desires of every woman and give them life creating the dress of her dreams.

A one-to-one journey, from the idea to pattern creation

It begins with first sketches and proposals to choose garment construction, details, finishes and fabrics that best fit your needs. A one-to-one path where you are at the center of.

The bespoke-made pattern is built ad hoc on your measurements, and then we move on to the first test garment which has to be worn to evaluate the fit and any possible amends together.

Creating a bespoke garment is like a cuddle, a moment to take for yourself, to make your wishes come true

The final test then is ready to be worn. Your completed garment has to be reviewed in its combination of colors, patterns and fabric. The initial project came to life, entirely handmade and finished with particular attention to detail.


From the first meeting to delivery, the estimated timing is about 1 month, considering the uniqueness and the diversity of each project. 

Speaking of wedding dresses, it is recommended to contact the atelier at least 4 months in advance.

All bespoke services take place exclusively at our studio in Via di Scurreria 2/A (GE).


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bespoke bridal dress
custom made wedding dress


Are you looking for a special gift for your loved one? Choose our bespoke experience. Our Gift Cards, available in various price ranges, can be purchased at our studio. Take a look at the price list below and for any doubt or question contact the Customer Service at