Brand Story sustainable fashion

The Designer

Vittoria is an italian fashion designer, passionate about all forms of art and fascinated by nature. She grew up in a creatively stimulating family and in a city, Genoa, that has always inspired her for its beauty.

After graduating in Fashion Design in Milan, she has worked for several companies in London and Genoa, an experience that gave her the skills and the motivation to realize her own project and found her sustainable fashion brand.

The Studio

Vittoria Cavanna Fashion Studio is a bespoke womenswear clothing atelier in the historic center of Genoa (IT).

The designer takes care of the entire creative and technical process that starts from the idea, goes on with the design until the last seam. Each time the goal is to create a unique garment and to satisfy every kind of woman who wears it with a feeling of belonging, enhancing her personality and her measurements.

The Mission

The atelier is a proper sustainable fashion brand and it combines sustainability with textile design. The patterns, that the designer creates in her studio, give a special touch to her garments.

She researches and carefully chooses the bases of the fabrics she uses, to assess their quality, but above all to make sure they have the least possible impact on nature and the planet. To learn more about it visit the page Sustainability and for any other information do not hesitate to contact us at

Find out more

Textile design, tailor-made production and sustainability: the three key feautures of the brand.

Take a look at our patterns and discover all the prints collections and the stories behind them. For more information regarding the bespoke service and our commitment in terms of sustainability please visit the dedicated pages and if you still have any questions feel free to contact us.